If you require a professional concrete pump service from a reputable provider look no further than Onsite Readymix Limited, with over 10 years experience of pumping concrete in London and the Home Counties we have the expertise to cope with the most demanding of jobs. We are experts in pumping concrete where access is tight or otherwise impossible, making the hardest of jobs look easy. Our vast experience and well known reliability guarantees our customers a service they can genuinely rely on.

We specialise in providing concrete line pumps at the most competitive prices for both DIY and commercial projects, giving our customers a cost effective solution to their concrete pumping needs. Our concrete pumps can be used on a variety of projects, ranging from a small concrete slab for a shed base to large multi storey constructions.We are able to help no matter how big or small the job, our concrete line pumps provide a safer, more efficient way of placing concrete exactly where its needed, with minimal mess

Using a combination of flexible rubber hoses and steel pipes allows us to pump concrete up to 200m, over obstacles, up/down stairs and even through houses. Concrete pumping is the easiest way of placing concrete in areas with limited access, which is a common problem in built up areas such as London.

With this in mind our top of the range putzmeister concrete pumps are mounted on 7.5 tonne lorries with the smallest possible footprint as we know how restricted the space can be on some jobs. Pumping concrete requires minimal labour and is very time efficient; we can pump 8 cubic meters of concrete in under 15 minutes, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the job. In summary using our concrete pump service will make your project easier and save you both time and money. For more information, or to arrange a concrete pump in London call our friendly team on 020 3733 2109.

Concrete Types

C20 Concrete Mix

This type of concrete mix is usually used for large building slab foundations including, houses, flats, garages, bungalows.

C25 Concrete Mix

This type of concrete mix is usually used for large building slab or trench foundations in softer ground.

C30 Concrete Mix

This type of concrete mix is usually used for driveways, roads, paths or paving where increased flexiblity is required.

C40 Concrete Mix

This type of concrete mix is usually used for industrial or agricultural purposes where increased oil & chemical resistance is required.

Aggregate Supplies London

Jumbo Aggregates Bags: available with FREE local delivery

Soft Aggregates

We supply a range of jumbo bag soft aggregates including building sand, sharp sand, plastering sand & ballast.

Hard Aggregates

We supply all types of jumbo bag hard aggregates including, 10mm gravel, 20mm gravel, MOT Type 1 (road stone) & pea shingle

Delivered Direct To Site

Our team deliver concrete right to the heart of your site.We have vast experience working in the concrete / aggregates industry and can help ensure your groundworks project runs smoothly.

Free Quotations

Contact our team for an instant quotation.We can happily provide an instant and highly competitive quotation for any size project, contact us now for more information.